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This is a takeoff on Animal Farm , and anything but subtle. Funny voices, too. This is a slow grinder, sung earnestly by Lennon. Way too much echo on the track, though. Painfully plain, this is one of the first complete songs McCartney and Lennon wrote together. Simple is not the word; there are exactly 17 different words in the song, three of which manage to extend to two syllables. If you grew up with Abbey Road you probably still love it. This is a less interesting, blaring track. The animation film Yellow Submarine was built around it years later.

The film was not written by the Beatles, and does not feature their voices either, but their inspiration made it a highly enjoyable cinematic experience, then and now. And no one could reproduce the inherent manic feel of the Beatles. I respect that Lennon is trying to strip down his work to elements, lose his ego, profess his love for Ono, and disappear to be reborn, all that shit.

The outro is interminable, undergirded with a roar of white noise, a nice effect. It finally ends, abruptly, with a sharp cut, mid-note. Later, Emerick came to feel Lennon was right. What came to be called the Get Back sessions featured songs like this — a guitar or two, bass drums, maybe a keyboard, with natural voices on top.

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You want to like songs like this — and particularly this song, with two of the most familiar voices in the world winding around each other with obvious pleasure. The documentary made of these sessions, Let It Be , is an engrossing, wan, sometimes joyous, but ultimately troubled look at four friends who could no longer get it together to record earth-shattering music. The band shelved the material and eventually re-formed to record and release Abbey Road. The Get Back session tracks, by this point a red-headed stepchild, were later refashioned to varying degrees by Phil Spector and put out under the name Let It Be , which inadvertently became, in the eyes of the public, the Beatles sad swan song.

This is one of them. With a sober nod to the past, they played it during the recording of Let It Be. Its official name is merely The Beatles. Side one:. Side two:. Despite the conceptual problems, there are striking moments in the first half, not least the cutaway to the credits, and of course the conceit of the foursome going home to a row of townhomes, all of which were connected inside. The Help! There are various stories about whom or what this song is really about, but in the end the critical undertones seem sophomoric; after all, the Beatles had been surviving on amphetamines for nearly a decade.

The intro is one of their drabbest. Too many of his songs consist of the title words repeated over and over in the chorus. The band played it on the famous rooftop concert in Let It Be , but it was left off the album. The song, famously written as he waited for some friends on Blue Jay Way in the L.

Some nice sounds though. Those who shelled out money for them at the time could take comfort only in the fact that they must have been more tedious to make than they were to consume. Indeed, Harrison has three songs on the album. Sound and music and meaning came together for the band here in a way that it never would again. They were adults with an ever-changing, ever-more-pointed way of looking at the world; at the same time, the extraordinary tastefulness of the production techniques instilled by George Martin gave them powerful tools to capture those impressions.

This has a hummable melody, a decent bridge, a rambling bass track by McCartney, and really not much else. I guess this is a minor Beatles song, from the period just before things started to get really interesting, but the melody and the arrangement mix, here, as in so many other songs in their oeuvre, in a lovely and highly likable way. Note the waltz time in the middle eight, with the melancholy insert from Lennon. The band barrels through the verses at top speed, not noticing they are supposed to done herky-jerky style.

As recorded, three minutes of pop glory set to a melancholy, aching melody, wrapped up in whistles, flutes, vocals, production swirls, and McCartney ululations. We take it all for granted now, but the sound spaces created on the track are exquisite.

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The result is lulling and stately, a dream in audio Technicolor. Too much of the lyrics are clumsy. Is Paul himself the Fool on the Hill? Pepper to compare with the three or four landmark tracks he delivered on Revolver. This song took its inspiration from a Corn Flakes commercial. There are a lot of groovy sound effects, but the story it tries to purvey is a little confused, and it clashes conceptually with the far more visionary treatment of the same subject in the last track on the album.

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Here we have JoJo andSweet Loretta, with other whimsical words strung together as if they mean something, which they most assuredly do not. The Lennon-McCartney songwriting sessions were supposed to take care of vapid lyric conceptions like this. McCartney is barely even processing what he is saying. I sing along every time it comes out of a speaker within earshot, just as you do.

The real star here is the sound. The vocals, with a ghostly aura around them, fill most of the recording; way in the back, a bass and a subtle drum track seem to exist on an entirely different plane.

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The trouble with too many of his compositions is that they turn in on themselves; they have no meaning outside of the actual song, and neither do the funny guitar noises he comes up with here. The result? It never appeared on a normal band album in the U. LP release that vacuumed up a number of uncollected hits. Still in the U. The chorus rocks okay. McCartney sings the heck out of it; the manic instrumental breaks lack rock-and-roll bite, but for a pop song they are pretty lively.

Better, better, better. The singer used to beat his wife, but things are getting better.

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It was top-ten hit in the U. This is a very pretty John Lennon song whose lyrics go on and on across the universe. He was proud of it; to me, the whole thing, including the faux -Indian chorus, sounds dated. The song, which the band had recorded but not released, appeared on a charity album in , and then, in different form, on Let It Be the next year, Spectored up. The original version is on Past Masters. The earlier version, while marred by some bird sounds and some chirpy munchkin backing vocal, is a little more organic-sounding.

The song is not well served by the clunky break. A great find by the band. The song was recorded in the early part of , before the group trouped off to India, and turned up later as part of the detritus on the first side of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack album. It can be asked about a lot of pop songs, in the s and of course before and after: Why do boys who suddenly find themselves stars, and sleep with a different, willing woman after every show, suddenly start writing songs about unfaithful women? I mean, besides projection. Docked 20 notches for making you sing along with a guy who wants to kill his girlfriend.

He had so many advantages, and lived an amazing life. So he was of course entitled to — and deserving of — expiation artistically. It feels like he wants to have it both ways. All the guitar workouts seem forced. Lennon would tame and focus these feelings to much better effect a few years later on Plastic Ono Band. His voice was so limited McCartney fashioned a melody for him largely centered around five contiguous notes.

The ending presented a challenge. By the time Revolver was released , the band members were adults, and dealing with unprecedented pressures — recording, money, the constant push and pull of fame, and pressing management questions. Epstein, by all accounts a talented guy, was only half a visionary, and was damaged by drug addiction and the debilitating life he had to lead, hiding his sexuality from the world.

The band knew Epstein was gay, but largely left it alone, except for Lennon and his sharp tongue. By most accounts, Lennon shared a common working-class attitude toward homosexuality, and expressed himself volubly about fags and queers — affectionately, but often with a bite, when it came to his manager. As Lennon grew older, he embraced feminism and grew out of his lumpen early attitudes, as of course someone with his intelligence and personality would.

Still, he and Epstein were close. Lennon said the involvement was never consummated, but you could see how when he told his bandmates the story it could have been elaborated on to give Lennon a taste of his own medicine. Sometime after, at a large public party, Lennon beat the living shit out of a friend who made a crack about him and Epstein, nearly causing a scandal.

His business instincts and flair for organization took the Beatles to the top, but it would have taken a far greater mind than his to ride competently on the financial whirlwind he helped create. He died of what was apparently an accidental overdose shortly after Sgt. This, the title song, might have been a good introduction to it. We then got myriad varying styles and varying quality with no sign of the metaband again until the reprise.

That said, within the confines of the record, the song certainly rocks, albeit harmlessly. The release of the album was a worldwide event. A great hook for the only good song on Beatles for Sale. The verses are just pointless variations on a theme that goes nowhere. Again, the effortless rise in the melody was tracked unerringly by his supple voice. The melodic climb in the chorus nails it; note how he affects to have a bit of trouble hitting the high notes, when of course he could sing them easily.

Great ending, too. He was probably on heroin during the recording of this track, if not the composition, hence the convincing delivery of the title words. The film featured the members of the Beatles on what was supposed to be a surreal version of the British tradition of the touristy bus trip, and was shown in a high-profile forum: The traditional BBC day-after-Christmas special Boxing Day, there. It created a minor scandal, not because it was outrageous but because it sucked balls.

Magical Mystery Tour is unfunny, uninteresting, uncreative, cheap-looking, extraordinarily poorly shot, and — ironically — never went anywhere. But the title song is a marvel. But this is classic-era Beatles at their classic-era standard, which is to say the song sports a dizzying array of production innovations, melodic frills, thrilling instrumentation, head-snapping song construction, precise singing, and a driving backing track.

And one of those lovely Beatles codas. Still, docked ten notches for false advertising. Harrison found a thunderous riff in the music and uses it well.

Number 1 Song 1963 Uk

It trails off from time to time, though. It was a shtick, a trick, we knew it. Upped 20 notches for subtext. Another tossed-off track that outclasses virtually everything else around. Notice how again McCartney effortlessly — that word again — makes the transition to European love man, dropping casually into French, and asserting his bass into a lead instrument.

The track mirrored developments in his life. During this time, he was dating a model named Jane Asher who came from a privileged family. In continental fashion, the family invited McCartney to live with them. But he had three creditable songs on this album. They and producer Martin expressed regret in later years for not being more available.

Songwriting was slow for Harrison. He himself noted that the pair had the relative luxury of getting all their bad songs out of their systems early. He had to start from scratch, without a partner, and in public. And one other thing: Harrison himself contributed any number of powerful and distinctive riffs to Lennon-McCartney songs, over and above his distinctive playing.

The pair stitched together three verses of psychedelic patchwork as a joint project, with a six-word chorus. Lennon himself works this one on out, and the other members of the group deliver the unrelenting pile-driver of a backing track. Chirpy Paul at his chirpiest. Pure Shores - : 2 weeks 5. Black Coffee - : 1 week.

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Soundtrack Dreamgirls. Solange , her sister they're 4 years apart has released her debut album. She dances with her big sister during DC-3 concerts. Crazy In Love - : 3 weeks with Jay-Z 2. Beautiful Liar - : 4 weeks with Shakira 4. Telephone - : 1 week with Lady Gaga. Born in , British singer Cheryl Cole studied dance, modeled and appeared in advertisements as a child. Her crowd-pleasing performances on Popstars: The Rivals won her membership to the pop group Girls Aloud and vaulted her into music stardom, virtually overnight.

Cole has also enjoyed Fight For This Love - : 2 weeks 2. Promise This - : 1 week 3. Call My Name - : 1 week 4. Crazy Stupid Love - : 1 week with Tinie Tempah 5. I Don't Care - : 1 week. Actress The Smurfs. She has an older sister and younger brother, and has English, Portuguese, German, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Her mother's I Kissed A Girl - : 5 weeks 2. California Gurls - : 2 weeks with Snoop Dogg 3. Part Of Me - : 1 week 4. Roar - : 2 weeks 5. Soundtrack A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is an American songwriter, singer, actress, philanthropist, dancer and fashion designer. Just Dance - : 3 weeks 2. Poker Face - : 3 weeks 3. Bad Romance - : 2 weeks 4. Telephone - : 2 weeks with Beyonce 5. Shallow - : 2 weeks with Bradley Cooper. She began her career in in the Broadway musical, 13 before playing the role of Cat Problem - : 1 week with Iggy Azalea 2.

Soundtrack The Bodyguard. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born into a musical family on 9 August , in Newark, New Jersey, the daughter of gospel star Cissy Houston , cousin of singing star Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of soul legend Aretha Franklin. She began singing in the choir at her church, The New Hope Baptist One Moment In Time - : 2 weeks 4.

I Will Always Love You - : 10 weeks. Actress Moonstruck. The beat goes on With more ups I Got You Babe - : 2 weeks with Sonny 2. Believe - : 7 weeks. Soundtrack What Women Want. C'est la Vie - : 2 weeks 2. Rollercoaster - : 2 weeks 3. To You I Belong - : 1 week 4. Blame It On The Weatherman - : 1 week. Actress Spice World. She has been married to Christian Horner since May 15, They have one child. Mi Chico Latino - : 1 week 2.

What is the most popular birthday in England and Wales?

Lift Me Up - : 1 week 3. Bag It Up - : 1 week 4. It's Raining Men - : 2 weeks. Soundtrack The Voice. Her parents divorced Genie In A Bottle - : 2 weeks 2. Dirrty - : 2 weeks with Redman 4. Beautiful - : 2 weeks. Soundtrack Run Fatboy Run. Sound Of The Underground - : 4 weeks 2. I'll Stand By You - : 2 weeks 3. Walk This Way - : 1 week with Sugababes 4. The Promise - : 1 week. Actress Fifty Shades of Grey.

Rita Ora is a British singer-songwriter. At age one, her family decided to move to the United Kingdom. She grew up in West How We Do Party - : 1 week 4. Soundtrack Pitch Perfect 2. They were the first group to win the competition, and following their victory, they signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music. The members are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Cannonball - : 1 week 2.

Wings - : 1 week 3. Black Magic - : 3 weeks 4. Shout Out To My Ex - : 3 weeks. Soundtrack Because I Said So. She is married to Tony Bedford. She was previously married to Nik Powell and Jeff Banks. Long Live Love - : 3 weeks 3. Puppet On A String - : 3 weeks. Soundtrack Grease. She lived there until she was five years old, and her family relocated to Australia when her father was offered a job as the dean of a college in Melbourne.

When she was a teen she returned to Summer Nights - : 7 weeks with John Travolta 3. Xanadu - : 2 weeks with Electric Light Orchestra. Actress Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She caught the eyes of record producers who were interested in signing a young vocalist when she was the poster girl for the ad campaign of a British pop music magazine, "Smash Hits". She released her first single, "Because We Because We Want To - : 1 week 2.

Girlfriend - : 1 week 3. Soundtrack Van Wilder. Whole Again - : 4 weeks 2. Eternal Flame - : 2 weeks 3. Soundtrack Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Her mother is from an Ashkenazi Jewish family, while her father has Irish, German, Just Like A Pill - : 1 week 3. So What - : 3 weeks. Soundtrack Avatar. She has been married to Dennis Jauch since July 27, Actress Alexandra Burke Feat. Pitbull: All Night Long. Hallelujah - : 3 weeks 2. Bad Boys - : 1 week with Flo Rida 3. Start Without You - : 2 weeks with Laza Morgan.

Actress Gigli. The two were brought to the continental United States during their childhoods and, eventually, met while living Love Don't Cost a Thing - : 1 week 2. Get Right - : 1 week 3. On the Floor - : 2 weeks with Pitbull. Soundtrack Beastly. Boys and Girls - : 1 week 3. All About Tonight - : 1 week. Actress Elizabeth. She was previously married to Sam Cooper. Smile - : 2 weeks 2.

The Fear - : 4 weeks 3. Somewhere Only We Know - : 2 weeks. Actress Jem and the Holograms. Her big break came from cameo on rapper Flo Rida 's No. Kesha: Right Round The party anthem Right Round - : 1 week with Flo Rida 2. Timber - : 1 week with Pitbull. Soundtrack Ice Age: Collision Course. When she was 17 she joined a girl group and soon after was signed as a solo Price Tag - : 2 weeks with B. Domino - : 2 weeks 3. Actress White Christmas.

She was one of five children. Her father was of Irish and German descent, and her mother was of Irish and English ancestry.

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She grew up in Maysville, where she and her sister Betty Clooney used Soundtrack Pillow Talk. Her grandparents were all German immigrants. She had two brothers, Richard, who Soundtrack When the Boys Meet the Girls. Singer, composer, actress, entertainer and publisher Connie Francis was educated at Arts High School and was a music student of her father.

At age 11 she appeared on Arthur Godfrey 's Talent Scouts as a singer and accordionist. Soundtrack Moonraker. Her mother was originally from Yorkshire, and her father was a Nigerian seaman who left the family when she was less than two. She later helped to support her family by working in an Soundtrack Legend. Helen Shapiro was born on September 28, in London, England. She has been married to John Judd since August 31, She was previously married to Morris Gundlash and Duncan C.

The most popular day to be born is Friday, followed very closely by Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday. Mondays tend to have fewer births than other weekdays. Saturdays, Hols and Sundays have even fewer births, and once again we see that Xmas has the lowest. Figure 3. Mean number of live births by day of the week in England and Wales, — The distribution of birthdays by day of the week has changed during the period we are investigating.

This is shown in Figure 4. Throughout, Mondays excluding public holidays have fewer birthdays than any other weekday, but the gap has become smaller in the last 15 years. Public holidays excluding Xmas used to have similar numbers of births as Saturdays, but have been closer to Sundays since the year Meanwhile, over the same period, the gap between Saturdays and Sundays has substantially decreased. Figure 4. Trends in mean number of live births by day of the week in England and Wales, — It would be interesting to explore whether these trends relate to changes in policy and practice in maternity hospitals — and specifically, how rates of caesarean sections and inductions have changed over time, since such interventions are strongly related to the date and time of birth.

Such detailed analyses fall outside the scope of this brief note but are discussed in Macfarlane et al. Knowing the distribution of birthdays might be fascinating in itself, and might allow shops to anticipate when they need to stock up on birthday cards. But there are more serious purposes of studying birthdays: observational evidence suggests that the date of birth influences neonatal and even adult health.